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Why Should You Read to Your Children?


It is a given fact that reading to children is important. However, many do not know that reading to young children often has many advantages in both mental and social skills development. So while providers of daycare in Virginia include reading among other school activities and learning process, parents are still encouraged to promote reading at home.

As a provider of childcare services in Reston, Virginia, we believe that reading to your children at home is beneficial because:

  • It helps them develop language skills.
    While speaking to your children helps them build their vocabulary, reading different books to them exposes them to words and sentences they do not typically hear every day.
  • It promotes creativity and imagination.
    When you read your children a story, you are opening their minds to new environment setups, settings, ideas, and types of characters. They begin to picture what the characters are doing and make up their own ideas of what will happen next.
  • It prepares them for future success.
    Reading to children lets them absorb knowledge in different areas. It provides them with the skills they need to excel in school. At our loving daycare, we help little ones get ready for preschool by reading to them and asking them questions about what we read.
  • It is a great way to bond with them.
    Cuddling with your little ones in bed while you read to them about the adventures of their favorite storybook character is a simple yet memorable way of bonding with them. It makes coming home after a busy day at work worth it.

As you can see, the significance of reading cannot be ignored. It is for this reason that Great Expectations Childcare, as an in home daycare, promotes a love of reading in each child we care for.

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