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The Benefits of Teaching Your Children Sign Language


Since the early 1800s, American Sign Language, or ASL, has been one of the chief means of communication for deaf individuals. Now, however, more and more people are learning ASL, with teaching sign language to hearing impaired children gaining popularity throughout the nation.

While some would suggest that teaching your children sign language could delay their speech development, experts say otherwise. Furthermore, as a provider of childcare services in Reston, Virginia, we believe that teaching sign language to children can bring a number of benefits in a variety of settings. Here are some of the benefits of teaching sign language to your little ones:

  • It can help them in the future.
    Teaching sign language to preverbal babies can help accelerate speech development and increase bonding between parent and child. It can also provide them with a way to express themselves before they know how to speak and can help them signal that they are hungry or need their diaper changed.
  • It can improve their confidence and self-esteem.
    Children who learn sign language at home or at an in home daycare can also gain psychological benefits. Since they know how to sign, feeling angry over not being able to communicate their thoughts may not happen as frequently. They can also express themselves through sign language when they are too agitated to speak distinctly.
  • It can improve their speech development.
    Teaching sign language to children who have autism or other developmental disabilities does not hinder their speech improvement. On the contrary, learning sign language together with speech can actually promote their verbal communication skills, as any day care in Virginia would attest.

At Great Expectations Child Care, we provide a loving daycare environment that promotes your little ones’ overall development. Besides offering quality education, we can also provide your children with enriching activities, such as learning sign language, math enhancement activities, scrabble and board games, and more.

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