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Make Learning Math Hands-On for Your Children


While providers of day care in Virginia teach your children the essential math lessons, you can further develop your little ones’ skills by teaching them basic math concepts outside of school.

Teaching math to your children does not have to be a dull, exhausting process. As an in home daycare, we can attest that your children will be able to learn how to count, add, and subtract when you make learning hands-on.

We at Great Expectations Childcare have listed some strategies that can help make math a memorable learning experience for both you and your little ones:

  • Use Everyday Items
    Take advantage of all the items at your disposal. Buttons, dimes, books, flowers—these are just some of the many objects you could use to teach your children how to count, add, and subtract.
  • Bake Cookies
    Besides helping your children learn how to count, this can also teach them about fractions. Using a plastic knife to cut cookies into halves or fourths lets them visualize the parts of a whole. The best part of this is that they can eat and enjoy their fractions.
  • Make Math a Part of Your Daily Routine
    Incorporate math in your day-to-day life to help your children make the most out of the math lessons they learn from you or at their loving daycare. For instance, you can ask them to count the number of cars they see on the street or ask them how many pieces of pie will be left if one is taken away.

If you are looking for childcare services in Reston, Virginia that can help you raise well-rounded children who excel at math and other subjects, then you can look no further. Give us a call today!

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