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Introducing Your Children to Cultural Diversity


As a parent, you have probably been left speechless by your children in more ways than one. They may have asked you challenging questions that you are not sure how to answer. For instance, they may have wondered aloud, in front of everyone, why there are people who look different from them. Instead of trying to shush them, a provider of day care in Virginia would tell you to grab this chance to help them appreciate the similarities and differences of the people around them.

As a provider of childcare services in Reston, Virginia, we have provided some tips on how to introduce the concept of cultural diversity to your children:

  • Evaluate your own beliefs. 
    Your children model the behavior you exhibit. So if they see you as accepting, they will imitate you. Take the time to reflect and ask yourself how accepting are you of people from different races and cultures.
  • Let them sample food from other countries.
    Broaden your children’s taste buds by letting them try out international cuisine. Let them taste kimchi, croquettes, biryani, and other food you can think of. This is one way of helping them appreciate other cultures.
  • Watch movies that feature new places.
    Increase your children’s global awareness by letting them watch movies that take place in different places. Child-friendly films such as Aladdin, Mulan, Coco, and Moana are great ways to introduce them to new cultures.
  • Let them learn a new language.
    This allows them to better appreciate their classmates who have other native languages. You can teach them a new language such as Spanish at home or they can learn it at a loving daycare.

As an in home daycare, Great Expectations Child Care is here to offer your children a warm, family-like environment that promotes their appreciation of the world and the people around them.

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