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Loving Daycare Parents testimonials in Reston, Virginia

Both of our sons (2 years and 10 months) have been going to Lisa’s day care since they were six weeks old. At first I was worried about sending our children to day care at such a young age, because the youngest had been crying a lot. When I picked him up the first day, Lisa told me that he was going through a growth spurt and needed more milk, he did not cry at all when he was with her. At that point I knew that we made the right decision to bring our children there.

We are grateful for Lisa’s and Patty’s experience with children—we have learned a lot from them and they treat our boys like family. I am very proud to see Max, my two year old, interact with other children; he has become an outgoing, smart and kind little boy. I give Patty and Lisa credit for that, we couldn’t have done it without them.

Here are a few more reasons why we love our day care:

  • Loving environment–all children are well-behaved and kind to one another
  • Children learn to follow the rules in a playful and fun way
  • Children eat healthy meals cooked from scratch
  • Set daily schedule that helps children to understand what comes next
  • Children learn social skills
  • Lisa and Patty always tell me in the evening what my boys did during the day
  • For older children: they learn words, ABCs, numbers, colors and much more

Both of our sons will stay with this day care until it is time to go to school. I highly recommend this day care—you cannot find a better place.


happy baby with her mom

Great Expectations is a Day Care organization that’s owned and operated by Lisa Hessavi. Her trained staff works various shifts to meet the needs of her clients six or seven days per week, twenty four hours a day. Her curriculum is designed to prepare children for the start of pre-school.

We have a five year old daughter who has been with Great Expectations and Lisa for over three years. Lisa and her staff has helped develop some of her beginning skills along with social interaction with other children.

When we’re at work, we feel very comfortable that our daughter is being treated with care and respect that you may not find in other organizations. Lisa provides the kind of attention to children that you would find if you had in home care. We would recommend Great expectations to any of our family or friends.

S. & S. Woolfolk

What can I say: it has been 5 years now at Great Expectations Day Care Olivia officially starts kindergarten on Monday the 25th of August 2008.

Lisa and her sister, pari are the most wonderful and loving people I have ever known. We have always regarded them as our family. Their unconditional love for children is simply amazing.

From learning manners (we get compliments all the time how polite Olivia is), numbers the alphabet, writing and lots of playtime made our little girl smart and playful in one delightful package. This would have not been accomplished if she was not party of Lisa’s family.

Their program for older children is a classroom setting, they get homework and you see significant improvements daily with their lessons they need to do. Of course, the babies are loved as equally. And they learn as well. The babies come to classroom side ready and eager to learn more.

Mornings start with a big hello and a hug and kiss. In the evening they get the same treatment before leaving. Daily update of your child is given in great detail in the evenings.

The daycare is full of toys, paints, clay and the outside has 2 swing sets and a clubhouse. Olivia always to share her day on what crafts she did and where she did and where she played in the yard. They even have picnics, birthday parties and popsicles on the hot days. Full meals are given that are cooked at Lisa’s house. The children are not fed `fast, easy food’ . They are given a meal that a lot of love and time are given in to preparing them each day. I have a child that will eat everything put in front of her due to being given a wide varity of meals offered at lis’s house.

If you are looking for a daycare that the number one rule there is unconditional love for each child, this is the place. If you are looking for a daycare that prepares your child for kindergraten, this is the place. Your child is an individual here, not a number like quite a few othe daycare centers in the area are. Lisa’s little boys are just as sweet and affectionate and grew up with Olivia as a sister.

We are going to miss our extended family greatly and we do plan to visit often. We cannot thank them enough for the amount of time and love given to our little girl. I know I will be sending photos, planning visiting days. After all, you have to keep touch with family.

Ellen Caroza
August 2008

babies with their mom

Our son Caleb was with Great Expectations from the age of 6 months until he was 4 years old he left in the Spring of 2008 to start Pre K, Lisa and her staff took great care of Caleb. He loves Lisa and Miss Patti so much that he asks myself and my wife on a daily basis if he could stop and see them and the rest of the kids. We would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a good Day Care for their infant or toddler.

Sheldon & Juanita Ellis
(Parents of Caleb Ellis)

My son Alex has attended Great Expectations Daycare for over two years, up until the time he entered kindergarten. They have worked with him almost daily on his writing, alphabet and pre-reading skills, giving him a great start to his education. They actually did such a wonderful job preparing him for kindergarten that I did not find it necessary for him to attend a separate preschool – I found the quality of their class work and teaching tools to be equal to those in preschool workbooks offered from other sources.

Another bonus for the children is the huge enclosed grassy area they have for their back yard to run and play in, giving the children plenty of exercise and games outdoors with the others. Lisa and Pari have also played an important role in his social development and learning to play well with others: reinforcing other good habits, such as picking up your toys when you’re done playing with them!

It is obvious that much thought and preparation have gone into providing a stimulating, well-rounded and safe environment for the children in their care, and in my personal experience I’ve also found they have provided more schedule flexibility than other places, really trying to work with the parent to accommodate often irregular work schedules.

My son loves going to see Lisa, Pari and the other children, and they always show him much love and affection. I have great peace of mind in trusting them with my son’s safety and wellbeing. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering their daycare for their own child.


Our daughter, Olivia, has been going to Great Expectations Day Care since she was six weeks old. Our daughter is now 2 and a half. Lisa, her husband Ali, her own children and her staff treat our child like a part of their family. Hugs and kisses are a main part of greeting and departing. Olivia looks foward to going to ‘school’ every morning. From spacious play rooms, to tables and chairs where they learn their ABC’s and 123’s we know our child is learning and growing everyday. There is even a playground out back that I wish I had when I was growing up!

Olivia continues to surprise us daily with the new words and numbers she learned that day. She even learns to dance and appreciate music and songs. All of which I know she has mostly learned from being at Lisa’s.

To us, Lisa is an extension of our family. We are always grateful for everything her, and her wonderful staff does for our daughter. Olivia will be continuing to go to Great Expectations until it’s time to move onto Elementary School.


When people ask me about my daycare I always tell them how blessed I am to have found Miss Lisa. I couldn’t ask for a more loving place for our sons to be while we are working. Jack (3) and Luke (9 months) have been coming to Lisa’s since they were each 11 weeks old. They’re greeted with hugs and kisses when they arrive each morning. I love seeing Jack eager to get in the door so he can be with his friends. Some mornings I have to catch him so I can have a goodbye kiss! And Luke is all smiles when we come in the door. He loves Miss Lisa’s assistant Evelyn (they both do) and lunges for her when we come in.

There is a daily routine at Lisa’s. Meals, play-time, naps, and learning are on the schedule each day. The children play outside regularly. Lisa has a great fenced yard with play equipment for all ages and there is plenty of room to run around. The meals are homemade and healthy. Both of my boys are great eaters and I credit that to the food they’re exposed to at Lisa’s. They are also always learning. As babies Lisa works with them on sitting up, walking, and learning to use a sippy cup. Jack was walking at 11 months and Luke is on track to do the same. As they get older they work on letters, numbers, coloring and writing. Jack is always bringing home his “work” – pages of coloring and tracing letters – and crafts he’s done. I love seeing the pride on his face as he tells me about them!

Everyday I’m amazed at what happy, loving, smart boys I have and I know so much of that has to do with the love they receive at Lisa’s. They are family to Lisa and she is family to us. To anyone looking for a place where their child will be loved, will grow and learn, and will flourish I recommend Lisa’s daycare.

Kim Dobbin
Mom to Jack and Luke

mom with their kids in the playhouse